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AKG Engineering FZ-LLC

AKG is recognized as 'A" Grade Contracting Company in the industry and has made its reputation in Quality Management as certified by QSZ Certifications PVT. LTD of Switzerland as a certified ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Company. AKG maintains an effective Quality Control program designed to meet end results for all construction parameters.

We at AKG Engineering FZ-LLC are committed to serve the society by providing best Quality Constructions for "Buildings, Villas, Houses, Hotels, Shopping Centers, Industrial Buildings, Hospitals, Schools, Base Camps & infrastructure Projects etc" at a competitive price, bearing in mind stated & implied needs of the customer.

AKG Engineering FZ-LLC


AKG RAK Location Map

Baghdad Branch

AKG IRAQ Branch License
AKG Engineering Map - Baghdad Branch

Erbil Branch

AKG IRAQ-Erbil Branch License
AKG Erbil Location Map