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Industrial Packages (RO, STP, Solid Handling System)

AKG duringits vast track record applied design – Build several Hospitals, Industrial & Commercial construction project, these project gained client appreciation on quality & delivery.

Pipe Installation by Pipe Jacking
Special Pipe Installation
Reverse Osmosis technology RO," is an excellent method of producing fresh tasting, high quality drinking water
Environment Friendly Packaged Units
Package wastewater treatment system is an effective method for treating wastewater with an aerobic process. With respect to other treatment plant this       plant requires only little space for operation. The packaged wastewater treatment system utilizes effectively the biological extended aeration principle.
Solid handling and sorting systems
Recycled Materials like plastic, paper, rubber, wood and metals are a good feed for the local industry. Beside the big market available locally; these       materials can be sold in the international markets through net distributors, AKG. Involved in Design – Build comprehensive system to facilitate the maximum usage of the waste material.