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Power Generation &Transmission

AKG Engineering provides leading support services to the power generation and transmission industries in Iraq.


AKG Engineering manages the serve repair and maintenance contracts at Iraq power stations, as well as providing engineering support and through-life maintenance support of power utility, energy and process plant facilities throughout Iraq.


Power lines supplies, erects, installs and maintains transmission networks on the Iraq and Technology Corporation's electrical transmission and renewable energy generation products.

Services for Power Generation and Transmission Industries

Risk Identification

Fire Hazards Analysis

10CFR50 Appendix R

Fire Probability Risk Assessment

Performance Based Fire Protection (NFPA 805)

Highly Protected Risk Inspection/Criteria

Life Safety/Building & Fire Code Evaluations

Insurance Services/Negotiation

Due Diligence Support

Fire Modeling

Risk Mitigation

Plant Modifications

Fire Suppression/Sprinkler Systems

Fire Detection/Alarm Systems

Fire Barrier Systems

Programmatic Modifications

Risk Response



Program/Procedural Development

Staff Augmentation

Fire Brigade Consulting and Training

Emergency Response Plan Development

Homeland Security Planning

Utility Staff Training