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Diqat Al Enjaz for Real Estate, Industrial & Agricultural Investment

In real estate field AKG is a master real estate developer with experience in the international property market and unparalleled commitment to excellence in all areas, including project management, construction, design, finishing and customer service.

By endeavoring to stay different in the marketplace, we've become known for offering distinctive homes, offices, retail and hospitality options to multinational community, thus fulfilling a growing market need for quality real estate that provides enriching lifestyle options.

We maintained our competitive edge by identifying and securing prime locations at the right price and time, thus increasing our potential for capital growth while advancing our objectives of providing real value to our customers.

Through innovation and best practice, we've built up our brand in the Iraq as a real estate developer that lives up to its promise. Building upon this success, we're expanding our platform internationally to include UAE and Jordan.

We reach ever higher while always remaining true to our beliefs, so that each success is success for our entire organization and every one of our valued customers.

Whether you're a family looking for your dream home, or an investor interested in building or diversifying your equity portfolio, you've come to the right place.

Certificat Of Stablishment