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Infrastruture & Utilities ( Design & Built )

Utilities & Infrastructure

The Utilities and Infrastructure Department is the developments control authority that manages the assets of market.

Utilities Management

AKG with it vast qualified teams apply and provide quality service to various clients in the field of utility management, engineering solutions, value engineering and crises management.

Infrastructure Management

Our division manages the maintenance and operation of all the roads that are developed by government, its street lights, landscaping, water features, sewage treatment plant and all its underground services that include the storm water drainage, fire water/irrigation water network, sewage network, as well as the storm water pumping stations, reservoirs and the sewage treatment plant. Businesses and the resident community can find annually published costs incurred towards these activities. Our team declares a unit rate to be charged to the businesses and resident community to recover these costs as community services charges on prorate basis of the plot/land or built up area as applicable.