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Hospital & Health Care Turnkey Projects

Through its Dubai Engineering and Healthcare Specialist Headquarter and its sister companies and the Group Affiliates and Operational Branches in Erbil & Baghdad-, Iraq , provide to the various Clients , professional Turnkey Projects , architecture, engineering, construction, program management, life and mission support, base operations, logistics, IT Communications and physical Security services to various private and public entities.

AKG is a committed provider of construction, engineering and technical services in government and public sector development, as well as private client business. Our strategic management initiatives help to identify solutions for optimal results and achieving success in business programs or task-specified projects. For ten years we have closely worked with our clients across a range of markets to develop and implement an improved program for Managing complexity, change and progress. AKG Engineering is positioned to take full advantage of construction opportunities throughout Iraq and Middle East.

Basrah Children Hospital Project Completion Report
Disaster Emergency Readiness Training Center Project Completion Report