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Our Genesis

From its genesis in Iraq, AKG Engineering Construction & Trading group has grown into a multi-service group providing services in the different sector of business.

The development of the group to its outstanding status can be traced back to the foresight of its management led by its Chairman, Dr. Mohamed Al-Khasaky, who relentlessly sought for subsequent lateral expansion into ventures complementary to the core business on which it was founded.

AKG Engineering Construction & Trading Group focuses on a vision to establish and maintain creative and dynamic companies dedicated to providing exceptional value, service and integrity to our clients.

Initially established in 2002, the companies under AKG Engineering Group are progressive and innovative organization, which subsist in implementing new ideas and approaches.

Our companies remained strong and stable in the midst of adversities where we continuously manage to deliver a substantial number of business venture in the region. Our vast resources and financial facility made us flexible to the varying market demands.